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Your brand is so much more than just your logo. It says something about who you are, what you believe, how you approach customers, and what they can expect from you. As your brand comes together and works congruently with all your marketing efforts, you attract and convert the customers you need. To get there, focus on the key components of brand development that unify and optimize your message.

5 Key Components of Brand Development

Understand Your Why

Why does your company exist? What’s the purpose of your business: the thing that inspires you and everyone else every day? Do you love what you do, and why? If you can nail down the answers to these questions, your brand has a strong foundation to build on.

Know Your Audience

Having a clear target audience in mind focuses all your brand development efforts. If you’re a B2C company, you need to identify the people most likely to buy your product. Once you know who they are through key demographics like age, race, economic standing, internet habits, or geographic location, you can craft your brand message. What do they want from a brand? What do they value in a company and what turns them away?

In B2B, things are a little more complex. You don’t just want to target companies that can use your service or product but the precise individuals within those companies responsible for making decisions. In some cases, you might need to influence several people within one organization, so your message has to reach them all.

Take an Objective Look

A key component in brand development is how your brand is perceived. You need to get a clear look at how people have seen you in the past and how they see you today so you can craft the way you’re seen tomorrow. Surveys are just one way of finding out what people think about your brand. Have they ever even heard of you? What do they think about you if they have? From there you’ll ask yourself some hard questions, like:

  • What do you want people to think about you?
  • What values do you want to stand for?
  • Are you focusing too hard on one message (like low prices) and not enough on another (like quality)?

Understand Your Brand Positioning

Your brand position is who and what you are within the market. How do you stand against your competitors and what sets you apart? There are multiple components within this area of brand development, including everything from packaging to logos to your brand persona. All these, and more, work together to influence where you sit with your target audience.

An important part of brand development is bringing all these disparate elements together to work in concert, sending a unified message about who you are and inspiring people with confidence so they deliberately choose you.

Choose a Voice

Your brand has a way of interacting with your target audience, in ads, by email, over social media, and more. Your voice can be playful and fun, sarcastic and witty, serious and intellectual, sincere and plain-spoken, or charming and persuasive. There are other voices, too, but you can’t be everything at once or you risk sending a confusing message that gives the impression you stand for nothing.

Choose your voice based on your own values and what you know your target audience is looking for. Certain fast-food companies, for example, do very well with sarcasm and wit; but that same voice would never work in developing a brand for a healthcare organization.

Bring Your Brand Development Together

There are many elements that go into brand development, and you deserve solutions specifically tailored to your needs. At Evolve One Media, we want to find the unique approach that works for you. Contact us to find out how we can deliver impactful results that promote your brand and get you the long-term growth you need.