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About US

Our mission is to guide our clients through the process of long-term, sustainable growth and profitability, so they can share their unique value and service for years and decades to come.


Evolve One Media was founded on the premise that in today’s world, businesses of all shapes and sizes are realizing the importance of digital strategies, yet still underutilizing their power and true potential.

Having a social profile, or a website, isn’t enough anymore.

We help our clients capitalize on effective and powerful digital strategies, enhancing their customer/client relations, and optimizing their complete online footprint while creating and building scalable processes for growth and profit.

Our philosophy is not to be just a trusted service provider (not the typical ad agency nor the average social media management company), but to be a true PARTNER in marketing and business development – to be your dedicated CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) or marketing department without the need for hiring and building your own staff.

*(If you already have a marketing department, we will work alongside them to ensure the best results – TEAMWORK makes your DREAM work.)

Most of today’s businesses are focused on sales and customer service, and should be. Truly effective marketing can be a daunting task and the returns are uncertain when done alone.

Allow us to champion your marketing efforts and allow your team to work within their strengths, while we work on ours.


Let’s EVOLVE together – our business is growing yours.

Our leadership working with and FOR YOU

Kevin Wong

Kevin Wong

Co-founder and CEO

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Kevin has been a competitor since a very young age. As a child growing up, he was always “marching to the beat of his own drum”. Kevin’s competitive spirit translated well into sports as a youth, and blossomed into several successful forays into different sports as he grew older: attending the CFL combine in 2000 and 2001; a tryout with the Edmonton Eskimo football club in 2001, Canadian amateur boxing Nationals in 2010, and Crossfit Games western regionals in 2014.

So it wasn’t a surprise that his love for business began when he realized that being an entrepreneur would allow him to keep marching to this beat as an adult and transfer the competitiveness as an athlete into the business arena.

Over the past 20 years, Kevin’s experience includes the lawn maintenance industry; a 15 year tenure in hospitality and nightclubs; operations, business development and sales for a multiple 8-figure supply chain/distribution company; 10 years of experience as a top producer and multiple 6-figure earner in direct sales and affiliate marketing (with many failures as well of course).

During this time, Kevin was involved in managing and developing these operations both behind the scenes and as a customer-facing figure, familiarizing himself with cashflow management, logistics, inventory management, purchasing, human resources, marketing, sales processes, lead generation, and online marketing.

Kevin has recently taken the helm of a fledgling marketing education company as interim CEO and helped it grow its revenues from $130k per month to over $500k per month in just two short years.

Kevin is now a leadership and business growth consultant and strategist, combining all of the various experiences of the past, acknowledging what doesn’t work and refining what does work, to now deliver massive value and impact to businesses of all sizes, near and far.

Mel Veroba

Mel Veroba

Co-founder and Director of Client Relations

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Mel has a long history of entrepreneurship and specifically as a wellness educator and performance coach. With multiple certifications and designations, she is a continual learner and is always developing new ways to help her clients achieve their desired results.

Being a professional athlete, combined with facilitating and designing individual and group programs, her knowledge and expertise around group dynamics, personal and team leadership, and behaviour modification are world class. Mel’s natural skill set as a leader has resulted in becoming an in-demand speaker (to audiences as large as 10,000 attendees) and consultant on the topics of peak performance, mindset and behaviour, and lifestyle creation for the busy business owner and entrepreneur.

Mel’s experience also includes that of a top producer in direct sales, helping to spearhead a national launch campaign, organizing and promoting several live events, and also leading an organization of approximately 1000 people.

Her passion in life is helping others succeed both in health and in business; empowering her clients to achieve their highest possible results and create outcomes that are life long and truly transformational.

When Mel isn’t coaching her clients or developing education programs, she spends her time training as a WNBF Pro athlete, promoting the natural competition lifestyle and spending quality time with her family.