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Unfortunately, digital marketing isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it deal. A successful campaign can give your brand, reputation, and bottom line a huge boost; but you have to follow up. The digital landscape changes frequently; here are four signs it’s time for a new digital marketing strategy.

You’ve Got Lots of Visitors and No Customers

If you’re still seeing good traffic on your website but no one is buying, it’s time for a new strategy. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) isn’t the only thing you need to shoot for in your SEO, but conversions are still the end goal.

What’s Going On

To get your CRO rate up, track on-site behaviors. You have to find out why people are visiting but then leaving without doing what you want. By setting up clear objectives and tracking, you can pinpoint the breakdown. It might be that you need content updates. There could be issues with the shopping cart that cause people to abandon it and look for something they see as simpler or safer. Never just guess at what the problem is. Take a strategic approach, find the precise issue, and execute a targeted initiative to fix it.

Mobile Traffic Is Leaving

If you’re getting plenty of hits but your mobile users are clicking off in just a few seconds, then you’ve got issues. Mobile users account for almost half of all webpage views these days, and that number just keeps growing. Your website has to be welcoming to mobile users. So what’s wrong?

What’s Going On

There are two likely culprits here. One possible issue is your site isn’t optimized for mobile users. It’s not adjusting for their screens, so the desktop version is what’s popping up. When mobile users see that, they leave quickly. The other issue could be your load times. No internet user will wait more than a few seconds for a site to load, and mobile users are even less patient than desktop visitors in this regard.

To fix these issues, you’ve got to have a mobile-friendly version of your website and it has to be fast enough to load within 3 seconds.

Your Rankings Have Tanked

You were ranking highly in Google search and everything seemed fine; then suddenly you started dropping, and now you’re not even on page one anymore. What happened?

What’s Going On

Google changes their algorithms multiple times a week and sometimes several times in a day. If your marketing team isn’t on top of the latest trends and keeping track of everything Google cares about, it’s easy to fall behind.

Google is looking for authority and good usability, speed, security, and website structure. They’re also looking for specific keyword usage and mobile-forward design. A failure in any of these areas can destroy your SEO quickly, so your digital marketing strategy must include constant SEO vigilance.

You’re Not Growing Your Leads

Your website might be beautiful, mobile-forward, full of useful information, easy to navigate, and ranking highly; but if you don’t have a way to turn a visitor into a contact, then you need a new digital marketing strategy.

What’s Going On

The most likely culprit is a failure to include enough conversion points on your site. Conversion points are contact and sign-up forms, e-book downloads, or specific invitations to contact you. It’s not enough to just throw up your contact info and hope for the best. You need to explain clearly how visitors can benefit from contacting you and then provide an easy way to do it.

Revamp Your Digital Marketing Strategy

If your digital marketing isn’t working for you, contact us at Evolve One Media today. We tailor our services to meet your unique needs, and we’re ready to help you grow your business with an effective digital marketing plan.