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Web Design Vero Beach

For the best web design in Vero Beach, choose Slater Strategies. Slater Strategies isn't the oldest knife in the drawer, but it is the sharpest! We have an entire team of web developers and designers who collaborate to turn each website project we take on into an artistic masterpiece. We invite you to check out our portfolio, beginning with our own website and ask for personal and professional references.

The Key to Exceptional Web Design in Vero Beach

The end user sees a beautifully designed website that looks attractive and functions smoothly. On our end, Slater Strategies knows what it takes behind the scenes to make a live website that our clients will be proud to call their own and their visitors will enjoy spending time on. Indeed, few people (and few web designers in Vero Beach) put enough thought into what it takes to make a beautiful, functioning website. They just start designing websites with only a rudimentary plan. Yet, the most important phase of web design is the planning phase.

How Important is the Planning Phase of Web Design for Our Vero Beach Clients?

The planning phase in web design is where we draw up the blueprint of your website. If this phase of the design process is neglected, the website will suffer. At least, it will not reach its full design potential.

Slater Strategies spends more time planning web design than we do implementing it. For example, when it comes to writing HTML, CSS, or JQuery to bring the website into existence; that only takes a day or two. However, the planning and preparation phase takes several days, even close to a week.

Just like in school, you were taught to create three documents when writing a paper. You have the rough draft, the second draft, and the final edit. The same applies to Slater Strategies web design. The "rough draft" is where we draw our sketches with a paper and pen. The "second draft" is where we use high-tech software tools to turn those rough sketches into something viable, and the "final edit" is where we code the website into existence. Note, we'll use the same three-step process when coding.

Let Us Put Our Creativity to Work for You

Slater Strategies guarantees the delivery of a stunning website that you will be proud of for many years to come. In the planning process, we will communicate extensively with you to get a clear picture of what your web design should look like. This is where we'll learn about you, your business, your niche, your industry, your competition, your needs, your goals, etc. Based on the information that we compile, we will create a web design that looks and functions the way it should and the way you want it to. Even when there is a chasm between what the website owner wants or expects and what is actually best for the website, Slater Strategies is very creative and innovative, and we are second-to-none at finding the happy medium without sacrificing quality or client expectation.

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