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The truth is that fully engaged customers stay around longer and spend more. So, customer marketing is going to play a significant role in how we do business in the near future. Customer marketing is the type of marketing campaign directed at existing customers. Understanding how to speak your existing customers' language is vital. However, you need to work out a strategy or partner with the best customer service marketing agency to get the results you want from this marketing campaign.

User-generated content (UGC) 

UGC relies on your existing customers sharing their own stories about your product or services without any prompting. This type of customer marketing is particularly significant on social media and within the online communities. The campaign aims to inspire your customers to post tweets, videos, videos, and blogs featuring your service or product without necessarily asking them.

User-generated content doesn't need to come by soliciting for them; instead, create and share a special experience that subtly pushes your customers to share it. 

How impactful are Influencers?

Influencers are people who have the ears of a loyal group of followers in a particular industry. This strategy is usually used in the social media space. Although influencer marketing requires actual back and forth between the influencer and the company, when done on a large scale, a reputable influencer can reach out to lots of people with a single post.

Micro-influencers, on the other hand, can target smaller groups, providing authentic advertising opportunities and a defined injection into the targeted community. However, influencer marketing is a new strategy, so you need to be realistic with your expectations.

Dig into your data when in doubt

If you find it challenging to figure out what precisely it is that your customers want, access your CRM data. According to statistics, 81 percent of consumers desire personalization; they wish the company they transact with knew more about them and their specific needs. 

When you're trying to do customer marketing that feels more personal, a solid starting point is to segment your content through data. With the reporting or sales analytics features in your CRM, you can identify sales insights and top customer needs, and get an overall image of your business performance. 

Are you delivering content consistently? 

Bear in mind that the attention of your customers is valuable, and there are only so many companies they can support at once. When you consistently deliver value to them, your brand will always stay fresh in their minds. 

Plus, you don't need to be shy when you are providing content, especially when what you are offering is relevant. According to a survey, consumers want to hear from businesses and brands in the form of content, advice, and deals. 

The bottom line

Don't overlook the current customer base when it comes to revenue generation. It is usually the most efficient and fastest way to generate additional revenue. If you want to take your marketing strategy up a notch and need to partner with the best customer service marketing agency, contact Evolve One Media. We are a social-forward marketing agency that helps brands manage data-driven customer experiences to drive business growth.


Best Customer Service Marketing Agency

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